Boston Evening Therapy Associates

About Us

This practice was founded in 2007 with the singular mission to improve life through the provision of meaningful and effective psychotherapy and counseling. Over the years we have built a team of highly skilled therapists who share this vision.

We are a diverse team of professionals and each bring our own specific therapy techniques and approaches but we all share the fundamental understanding that the most important thing in therapy is to create an environment of deep trust, understanding and acceptance in which the patient feels safe and free to openly and fully discuss their most important aspects of themselves. This is the most essential aspect of good therapy which can lead to important change and improvement.

We are proud to serve Brookline, Greater Boston and Massachusetts and grateful for the trust we have built in our community over the years. We offer online therapy across the state as well as in office therapy in our Cleveland Circle Brighton location. We accept most major insurance plans and as our name indicates, we seek to offer a number of off work and weekend hours in addition to regular daytime appointments to make therapy as accessible as possible to as many as possible.

Please visit us at We strive to maintain the best website in the field and to provide as much useful content to the public as we can. Reach us by email at or call at 617-738-1480